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How to avoid electrical accidents from distribution boxes to home safety?

2023-09-22 16:41:30

Electrical accidents not only pose a threat to personal safety, but also cause damage to property, so ensuring electrical safety is very important. This article will introduce how to avoid electrical accidents from the distribution box to home safety.

1、 Safety of distribution boxes

Jiangsu distribution box is the core of the entire circuit and one of the control centers of the circuit.

Installation position

The distribution box should be installed in a well ventilated, dry, moisture-resistant area, gradually avoiding direct sunlight and flammable materials, and avoiding areas where personnel frequently move. Be sure to be at least 1.8 meters above the ground to prevent children from accidentally touching.

protective measures

The distribution box should be equipped with a leakage protector, which is an effective protection against personal electric shock. Once there is leakage, the leakage protector will automatically trip.

Inspection and maintenance

Regularly inspect and maintain the distribution box.

2、 Safe use of sockets

Sockets are commonly used electrical equipment in daily life, but if not used carefully, they can also become the cause of electrical accidents.

Installation position

Sockets should be installed in areas with good ventilation and frequent human activity, but avoid contact with combustibles to avoid short circuits and cause fires.

load current 

The load current of each socket is limited, and the specification of the socket must be determined based on the usage requirements of the electrical appliance to avoid overloading.

Short circuit protection

The socket should be equipped with short circuit protection. In the event of a short circuit, the socket will automatically trip to prevent a dangerous accident.

3、 Electrical safety

Electrical appliances are commonly used equipment in homes, and if not handled carefully, it can cause safety hazards. Therefore, the following aspects need to be noted.

Installation position

Electrical appliances should be installed in a well ventilated and dry place, avoiding direct sunlight and contact with flammable substances to avoid overheating and triggering fires.

Check the power cord

Before using electrical appliances, it is necessary to check whether the power cord has peeled off or broken to avoid the risk of short circuits or electric shock.

Preventing overheating

Electrical appliances can easily overheat if used for a long time, and it is necessary to rest appropriately to avoid damage or fire caused by overheating.

4、 Wire safety

Electric wires are an important component of circuits, and improper use can also cause safety hazards.

Installation position

Electric wires should be installed in a well ventilated and dry place, avoiding direct intervention in water sources and flammable materials, and avoiding direct passage of personnel as much as possible.

Compressive resistance

The wires should have sufficient compressive strength to avoid external forces causing wire breakage or damage.

Power on inspection

Before installing the wires, it is necessary to conduct a power on inspection, test the power and resistance to avoid electrical accidents.

5、 Children's safety

Due to children's curiosity and liveliness, they often come into contact with electrical equipment, which requires special attention.

Avoid wire collisions

Children are easily attracted to colors, especially colored wires, so they should try to hide the wires as much as possible to prevent children from wanting to peel them off and play with them.

child protection 

Parents should try to avoid children coming into contact with electrical appliances when using them, and inform them that electrical appliances are very dangerous and should not be touched casually.

6、 Summary

The above are some precautions for electrical safety. As long as the operation is carried out strictly according to regulations, it can avoid the occurrence of electrical accidents. At the same time, parents and primary and secondary school students need to strengthen education on electrical safety and enhance their awareness of preventing electrical accidents. In short, the safety of household appliances and power facilities requires each and every one of us to remain vigilant and actively prevent unnecessary loss of life and property when using electrical facilities.

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