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The difference between switchgear and distribution box

2023-09-22 16:35:55

       A switchgear is an electrical device. The internal and external wires of the switchgear go first to the main automatic switch inside the cabinet, and then to the sub automatic switch. Each branch is set according to the requirements. For example, instrument dials, automatic control systems, motor magnetic induction switches, various DC contactors, etc. Some are also equipped with high voltage and low voltage room switchgear, high voltage busbars such as power stations, and some are also equipped with low cycle load shedding to maintain critical machinery and equipment.

The primary function of the switchgear is to perform power switching, operation, and maintenance on electrical equipment during the power generation, transmission and distribution, distribution equipment, and power engineering transformation operations of the power supply system. The components inside the switchgear are mainly composed of isolation switches, high-voltage isolation switches, load power switches, actual operation organization, transformers, and various protective equipment. There are many classification methods for switchgear. For example, according to the installation of isolation switches, they can be divided into mobile switchgear and mobile switchgear; Or according to the different construction of server cabinets, they can be divided into open/close cabinets, metal enclosed switchgear, and metal enclosed armored switchgear; According to the rated voltage, it can be divided into high voltage switchgear, medium voltage switchgear, and low voltage switchgear.

Key applications include thermal power plants, power distribution stations, petrochemical, metallurgical steel rolling mills, light industrial textiles, processing plants, mining, residential areas, multi-story buildings, and other diverse locations. The power distribution cabinet (box) is divided into the driving power distribution cabinet (box), the lighting fixture distribution cabinet (box), and the measurement and verification cabinet (box), which are the rear mechanical equipment of the power distribution system. The distribution cabinet is a commonly used name for motor control centers. The distribution cabinet is used in places with decentralized loads and few power circuits; The motor control center is used in places with concentrated loads and multiple power circuits.

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